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    Facebook is the world’s largest social network and there are over one billion users who use it. Around 500 million users use Facebook apps. Companies and brands whose target market falls in the Facebook user demographic have profited hugely with well designed Facebook apps. Facebook apps can help you get more users, increased traffic to your website and increase in revenue. Read more›

  • Google Apps Development

    Google has provided Google Apps that features various reliable and secure web applications in order to create several Google products like word documents, spreadsheets and presentations and access them from other enterprise applications using Google APIs. Google Apps is an enterprise class messaging and collaboration solution and it is a cloud based solution for email, calendaring and office applications. Enterprises envisaging their journey in the Google Apps arena are working to unlock the potential of Google Apps to fuel their business growth. Read more›

Social Media Development

Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create and exchange information through virtual communities and networks. It depends on mobile and web-based technologies and creates interactive platforms through which individuals share and discuss content.
Let's TalkShyamSoft Technologies, a reputable social media apps development company in India, is well known for offering result-driven social media apps development services. We understand very well that these services are differentiated from traditional media in many aspects like quality, reach, frequency, usability etc. They have positive effects such as allowing the democratization of the internet thereby allowing people to advertise themselves and make friendship.

We deliver creative, marketing and technical skills to build and implement social media applications for a wide range of clients. As an example, Facebook and Twitter  have approximately 750 million and 175 million users respectively and offering a platform on these networks gives businesses the opportunity to communicate with their audiences where they spend their time online thus eliminating the need to get them to visit your website.

Integrating your website with networks like Facebook, Twitter and other social networks allows users to social bookmark to share your information across their networks and introduce them to the content they think would be interesting to them. Businesses can now create a customized presence and provide advanced functionality like booking engines, polls and marketing campaigns, thanks to the boon of social media networks.

The technological excellence at ShyamSoft Technologies blended with years of experience enable us to create interactive social media application solutions. We integrate innovative concepts with latest tools to generate software that is capable of capturing user interest at the first instance. Our technology practice allows us to deliver solutions that can be optimized as per your business needs and requirements. We determine the suitable design methodology to build interactive apps in a cross-platform environment. We come up with the best suitable design to support your critical business strategy.

Our highly experienced professionals ensure that applications are tested for usability and deliver high performance on multiple browsers and platforms. User experience is a key part of testing which helps to make an application more successful by maximizing acceptance and usage.  Our team of experts devotes time in researching the most effective text and graphics to generate a rich user experience for your site visitors.

Please let us know about your social media application development requirements and initiatives. We would work towards offering you services of social media application development in India as per your business requirements.

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