Tools & Systems

The best marketing will not be fully effective without tools and systems to support you in the day to day operation of your business.

That is why CENTURY 21 Vanguard provides you with a myriad of tools to help you be successful, all at NO COST to you.

  • Transaction management system.
  • Company provided CRM.
  • C21 online suite of business support tools.
  • Full time compliance and transaction support.
  • Full listing support to include professionally printed pre-listing and listing presentations.
  • Access to attorney when needed.
  • On site admin support.
Coaching & Mentoring

At CENTURY 21 Vanguard

Everybody benefits from accountability and someone to encourage/cheer them on. At CENTURY 21 Vanguard we provide the opportunity for you to participate in weekly team centric coaching, small group coaching and/or individualized coaching. All of our coaching is focused on one objective; helping you build a business where 70% of your transactions are agent generated and paid at our highest commission splits. We accomplish that through:

  • 1:1 development of annualized business and marketing plan.
  • Quarterly 1:1 coaching to monitor results to plan and discuss possible adjustments.
  • C21 Acceleration training.
  • Voluntary weekly team huddles.
  • Small group coaching to help design and implement like-minded marketing campaigns.
  • 90 day on boarding plan for new agents.
Marketing & Broker Support

The adage that nothing else happens until a sale is made has never been more true

Unique Culture

At CENTURY 21 Vanguard

We believe more is not always better. By that we mean we do not strive to be the broker with the most number of agents. Instead, our focus is to be highly selective in hiring. We look to hire people with an entrepreneurial mindset who understand the commitment it takes to build a sustainable business that thrives primarily from self-generated business. By doing this we are able to direct our coaching, marketing and broker support activities to a manageable number of agents and help them produce at an average number of transactions that far exceeds the market norm.

  • Big Franchise Support with mom & pop feel.
  • Offices that have the hip, edgy look and vibe of a boutique.
  • Friendly & supportive agents willing to help each other.
  • Smaller by design. Highly selective in hiring.
  • On site broker support and availability.
Lead Generation

At CENTURY 21 Vanguard

We know that sales & marketing is the lifeblood of any business. That’s why we provide our agents with multiple lead sources you can choose from to focus on and benefit from company provided assistance.

  • Company provided online leads upon completion of lead conversion training requirements.
  • Ongoing training in how to convert online leads.
  • State of the art use of digital advertising and landing squeeze pages to generate buyer & seller leads.
  • Business development team that is focused on developing new lead sources.
  • Geo Farming to include company advertising & marketing support.
  • Cartus relocation referral network for leads with no upfront cost.
  • Sphere of Influence marketing campaigns & support.
  • Call center to help provide discipline and support with marketing.
  • Open house & community promotions.

Agent Testimonials

Nothing can help you gain a better understanding of what CENTURY 21 Vanguard is all about than our agents. An array of agents So here is a library of testimonials. From newly licensed to seasoned veterans, listen to why these agents chose to join CENTURY 21 Vanguard.

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